Les Copeland – To Be In Your Company

Les Copeland – To Be In Your Company
Earwig Music – Earwig CD 4970
Les Copeland has only been recording for around five years, but he sounds like he could have been sitting on a front porch on a steamy Clarksdale, MS summer night tearing up his six string and laying out his stories to the rapt attention of his neighbors. Eighteen simple songs; just a man and his guitar and there is nothing here that won’t catch your attention. His guitar work is like the ghosts of both Robert Johnson and Chet Atkins fought for control of his fingers, while his raspy vocal wail ensures you that he has felt every minuscule bit of the stories he tells. Just listen to the way he attacks his guitar on a songs like “Borderline” and then throttles back for a near folky vibe on “Somethin’ Nice and Sweet.” Listening to “Swamp Witch” makes you feel the fog swirling around you as you stand in a cypress bog, while “Moonshiner” is has a lilting musical boogie gracing words of pain and redemption. Whatever emotions and life experiences fueled Les’s songwriting, he has found a stunning way to channel them into absorbing music. – MW



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