Josh Smith – Over Your Head

Josh Smith – Over Your Head
Modern blues journeyman Josh Smith deserves his due. As a guitarist and vocalist he has the knack of conveying that blues feel, the feel that he really experienced everything he is singing about, everything his guitar is “talking” about. His songwriting seems as if it is being done with a vengeance, because the music smokes like a twenty-alarm forest fire. Featuring a killer rhythm tandem of drummer Lemar Carter and bassist Calvin Turner, Josh capitalizes every letter of the term “power trio.” You can think Zeppelin, Cactus, even King’s X in the way that these three just seem to be very adept and wringing every drop of blood, sweat, emotion, and power out of their instruments. This is evident right from the initial onslaught of the pouncing tiger “How Long.” Josh still shows his more traditional roots in the back alley boogie of “Still Searching” and the west-texas shuffle instrumental of “…And What.” but still manages to find an extra gear with those songs. More notice is being given of Josh’s talents – the fact that Joe Bonamassa and Charlie Musselwhite are among the guests on this CD attest to that. If you still doubt it, just give this a spin. All doubt will be erased and you will be satisfied that it was. – MW



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