Andy Cohen – Road Be Kind

Andy Cohen – Road Be Kind
Earwig Music – Earwig CD 4969
Andy Cohen has been around a long time and has not run out of stories yet. Nor has he run out of creating the musical expressions to tell his stories. Andy’s music is as organic as it gets – just him and his dusky voice picking his acoustic guitar in a delectable finger-style way that harkens to the great Chet Atkins. Melding folk, blues, country, and a bit of bare-bones rockabilly, Andy is the kind of musician that you just can never tire of listening to as his stories are so infectious, from the heartbreaking to the humorous, from the dark reaches to the bright lights. Weaving that with his guitar work – well, when I made the Chet Atkins comparison I was not being solicitous or hyperbolic – his talent on the six string is stunning. And I can go a step further to put Andy in the lofty perch of comparisons with many of the songwriting greats; his sad songs reminiscent of Townes Van Zandt with his happier ones nodding to Woody Guthrie. If a song like “The Goodnight – Loving Trail” doesn’t tug at your heartstrings, no need to check to see if you have a pulse. Same instructions if you don’t start tapping your toes to “Seaboard Train.” Too many great songs here to talk about them all. Please check this CD out. Andy does plenty of good ol’ talking and picking, and can say far more about his music than I ever could. 





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