Patricia Bahia – Save Your Heart

Patricia Bahia – Save Your Heart

Dream Songs Records – DSR002

When you start your career singing in an inter-faith Gospel choir where you cross paths with the likes of Linda Ronstadt, Joan Baez, and Bonnie Raitt, you may learn a thing or two. Patricia Bahia sounds like she learned a lot. Excellent vocal control with a very solid range and the ability to temper her emotions in the proper doses that fit the songs, Patricia really sparkles with her latest release. From the ethereal power-pop pf “Resilient” to the snappy feel-good lilt of “Good Day,” and the heart felt ballad “Blue On Top Of Blue,” she obviously has a deep pool of songwriting talents to pull from as well. The songs all have a subtle edginess to them, even the hookier ones like “Uncharted,” and the lyrics are honest, intriguing and appear to be straight from a soul who has lived the stories or is intimate with the subject matter. Inspiring music from a lady who knows what power music can have – she is also a cancer survivor – this music is so full of life and passion that it is positively irresistible. – MW


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