The Surreal McCoys – The Howl & The Growl

The Surreal McCoys – The Howl & The Growl
Across The Aisle Records – B014L69KWM
Perhaps no band has done a purer mix of punk and Americana than The Surreal McCoys. Sure, other people have blended various styles of heartland or country music with punk before. Jason and the Scorchers comes to mind. There is just something about how this fivesome who formed while attending the University of Notre Dame that you cannot really put your finger on – you just have to kick back and enjoy it. The lead track “You Can’t Afford It” lets loose like a sonic microcosm, giving you a delicious taste of what to expect.  “Blonde-Sided” is the kind of honkey-tonk rocker most of the current Nashville posers wish they could pull off.  “Whole Lotta Folsom” is just what the name suggests; a Led Zeppelinized take on the Man-in-Black classic, and I am not being hyperbolic by saying this is one of the best mashup covers I have heard in a long time. The aptly named title track is another signature sounding ripper with a rhythmic power that could make a 747 go supersonic. The band members all have serious chops and the lyrics are poignant, brimming with life experience and often darkly humorous. Killer production by Eric Ambel who played guitar with Joan Jett and Steve Earle in the past adds further fuel. This is their second CD and I kick myself for not hearing of the first one, but this is a band I am glad to now know, and after one listen, I can imagine you will be glad as well. – MW

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