Jeff Mamett – “Here’s Your Hat”

Jeff Mamett – “Here’s Your Hat”
Jeff Mamett obviously loves the roots of country music. By roots I mean the western swing roots, those that seem to escape many of today’s homogeneous sounding performers. Jeff’s music is a bit more than nostalgia though, as he also seems to draw influences from the more Americana singer-songwriters with a subtly humorous touch to some of the more usual country subjects. Songs like the honky-tonk shuffle “No More Tears,” the snappy “Hot Tamales,” and the deft rock hybrid title track show that he has a solid songwriting talent pool to draw from. His tribute to the late great Townes Van Zandt is an emotional version of the classic “Pancho and Lefty.” What really makes these songs stand out is Jeff’s rich baritone warble, like a more melodic Johnny Cash with a dash of Waylon thrown in for good measure. While this music may be more popular with those who prefer the classic country sound, it has a comforting but still peppy vibe that will catch the ear of the more modern country lovers. A very entertaining debut effort. – MW

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