Buddy Guy – Born To Play Guitar

Buddy Guy – Born To Play Guitar
RCA Records – 88875-12037-2
Sometimes as a reviewer, you have to throw superlatives, hyperbole and cliches out the window. Not that every new CD by a legend is a masterpiece. But when you hear Mr. George “Buddy” Guy pontificate “I’ve got blues running through my veins,” in the eponymous lead track of his latest effort “Born To Play Guitar,” you have absolutely zero doubt that he is telling the Gospel truth. He talks it, walks it, lives it, breathes it, unleashes it from his Strat like the voice of the blues gods. If you doubt me, put on track 2 “Wear You Out” and strap yourself in, because it will do just that. “Back Up Mama” follows with a pure, sweet ballad dripping displaying Buddy’s incredible vocal chops. Buddy enlists many friends on this CD, including Joss Stone with a delectable vocal trip on “(Baby) You Got What It Takes.” When Van Morrison joins Buddy for the emotion dripping “Flesh & Bone” tributing B.B. King, followed by an equally fervent tribute to Muddy Waters, “Come Back Muddy,” if you don’t start misting up or getting a lump in your throat you had better get a hold of an AED post-haste. OK, I know I said you have to throw superlatives, hyperbole and cliches out the window, but I used a few choice ones here. Well, Buddy Guy deserves it. One of blues’ elder spokesmen less than 365 and a wake up from being an octogenarian, Buddy shows no signs of letting up. – MW

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