Nocona – Long Gone Song

Nocona – Long Gone Song
Henrietta Records
Americana continues to make a comeback and L.A.’s Nocona is not merely riding the waves – they are making their own. They prefer a more energetic, powerful version like a blend of Jason & the Scorchers and The Paladins, snarling with electricity. The title track blasts the CD into orbit with a frenetic subtly punkabilly romp that allows all the players to let loose with their prodigious chops. “Toothless Junkie” is a gritty east Texas blues rocker that hits with the power of an Abrams tank. “All The Victories of the World” shows their adeptness at more balladic songs that are no less powerful. “Knives and Cologne” brings a bit more of an alt folk edge with ethereal touches. Along with their knack for creating songs that musically stand up to any American act out there these days, their lyrics are thought provoking, often intense stories that can be darkly humorous at times. Being only their second release I can guess others have not yet heard of this band, I heartily endorse checking them out as they will definitely wake up your musical tastebuds.  – MW


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