Leaders in the Clubhouse – Won

Leaders in the Clubhouse – Won
The debut from this San Diego based indie act shows influences from 70’s bands melded with a modern songwriting sensibility that creates music with a really cool retro vibe. With tendrils reaching back to bands like Queen, Styx and ELO, the pop hooks are fused with a subtle edginess and tongue-in-cheek, occasionally cynical and topical approaches to lyric writing. Check out songs like “Hater” and “Law of the Jungle” and you get a good glimpse into what they are about. They also interject a deft touch of strangeness, wonderfully present in songs like “21/8 Bar Song” and “She Gets Loud.” There is very solid musicianship throughout the CD, too, including flavorful keyboard work and the occasional addition of a horn section. With this first effort, this band obviously has the passion to take their influences and do something a bit different with them while trying to drive home messages with their words. Definitely a band to watch out for.  – MW


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