Ian Siegal – The Picnic Sessions

Ian Siegal – The Picnic Sessions

Nugene Records – NUG1402

Veteran British blues poet Ian Siegal gathered several friends in a studio and played like they were just hanging out and having fun jamming. The result has a lovely rawness with an intimate touch, making you feel like you are sitting on some dusty folding chair or cross-legged on the floor nodding along to the tunes. For those who think “blues from England, really?”, did you listen to the early Stones, Beatles, Kinks, Deep Purple, and multiple others? They grew up on Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, Blind Lemon Jefferson and many others who prowled the smoky Mississippi jukes of the past. Ian not only feels like he is influenced by the blues smiths who trod before them, but you can tell he FEELS the blues, and that is always the most required ingredient for creating blues in its truest form. From the first strains of “Stone Could Soul,” you can tell his blues are coming from deep inside, transferring to his dusky voice and fingertip blistering picking that were honed from his years of busking across Europe. Songs like “Beulah Land,” “Keen And Peachy,” and “Hard Times” also display that Ian’s type of blues is far from one-dimensional, as he has musical sensibilities drifting from western country to Chicago soul many destinations in between. Although Ian’s popularity and notoriety seem to be more prevalent across the pond, American blues fans are missing a serious talent if they don’t look further than the USA for great blues. Blues, like all music in general, blurs the lines on a world map and Ian Siegal extends an invite into his session here that you should not turn down. – MW http://iansiegal.com



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