CD CAPSULE REVIEWS by Mark E. Waterbury

Delta Moon – Low Down

Jumping Jack Records – 12015

Another dynamic effort from the band formed by two of the ATL’s best blues guitarists, Tom Gray and Mark Johnson. The CD is brimming with delectable guitar licks and slide work, plus soulful often haunting vocals and heartfelt lyrical stories. Ranging from traditional blues to NOLA stomp to gritty rock and pain-fueled delta porch-picking, this is a feast for the ears for any blues lover.


Susie Glaze & the Hilonsome Band – Not That Kind of Girl

The fourth CD by roots loving Susie Glaze showcases incredible musicianship and sweetly harmonic vocals treading the many dusty paths of folk. From Celtic to Appalachian bluegrass, from twangy Texas country to spicy Memphis blues, Susie unleashes her talents and passions to wonderful effect. The songwriting is strong, and the music is both luscious and infectious.


Shawn James & the Shapeshifters – The Gospel According toe Shawn James & the Shapeshifters

This fivesome from Arkansas has no fear when it comes to blending styles that normally refuse to be blended. Industrial metal of the Ministry vein meets Skynyrd-esque southern fried rock with side trips to bluegrass, blues and Celtic. If it sounds strange, the strangeness works wonderously. Check out tunes like “Wild Man” and “Lost” if you need further proof. This is for folks who like their rock different, but still darn good.!


The Kahless Clone – An Endless Loop

Hailing from Chicago, The Kahless Clone creates intense instrumental soundscapes that weave the soothing vibes of Marillion or Renaissance with the power blast of Symphony X or Filter. Unexpected twists and turns are interspersed with a hypnotic feel that flows from caressing you to grabbing you by the collar and screaming at you. This shows very solid musical chops without being pretentious – an EP showing serious potential.


Joe Goodkin – Record of Life

Quell Records – QR1010

The founder of Chicago’s indie rockers Paper Arrows produces a solo effort that is intoxicating and subtly powerful. An alt twist on ambient folk, he has a knack of taking somber tones and giving them an uplifting quality. The pure emotion flows freely from tracks like “Gray” and “My Friends.” Joe has opened up his soul on this effort, creating music that will no doubt touch you with its hauntingly beautiful landscape.


Michael Falzarano – I Got Blues For Ya

Hypnotation Records – WR0049

Journeyman blues-master Michael Falzarano (Hot Tuna, New Riders of the Purple Sage) is one of those talents who knows how to wring every tiny drop of the blues out of his guitar and voice. This new CD is no exception, I am surprised smoke did not come out of my speakers. He’s not inventing new ground, but he is doing tried and true blues styles extraordinarily well, with slick songwriting and lyrics from the deep reaches of his soul.


Anthony Gomes – Electric Field Holler

The first song on the latest by this veteran Toronto-based singer-songwriter is called “Turn It Up.” You can figure that out on your own. This guy cranks out some serious down-and-nasty rock-fueled blues that is simple, but very ear-catching. If you want some pure examples of his talent level, check out a song like “Whiskey Train” with gritty vocals and searing guitar licks. Well, you can find that throughout the CD. It’s a killer effort.!


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