11th Floor Band – Sweet Mystery

11th Floor Band – Sweet Mystery

It took a long time for this Long Beach, CA-based band to release their sophomore release, a time filled with personnel changes. They must have found the right mixture as this CD blisters from start to finish. They take various tendrils of rock, primarily red dirt country, heartland, and subtle punk facets, and whip it into an edgy frenzy that can be both hooky and envelope pushing. If you miss bands like Jason and the Scorchers, and Cross Canadian Ragweed, this music is sort of like hanging out at a beer bash with them and counting the seconds until the cops come in and tell them to turn it down. The lyrics can be wickedly humorous at times, especially in songs like “Whiskey Train” and “Right Amount of Drunk,” and feature several different vocalists to inject further musical personality into the stew. These guys really know how to play their instruments, too and wring every ounce of blood and sweat that they can out of them. Listen to songs like “The Worst” and “Brother” if you need further proof. For any previous fans who may be asking, “What took you so long?”, just shut up and listen, you will no doubt be satisfied. For those who have not heard them yet, just get it and listen. If you love music that is at the most simple explanation “brash rock and roll,” this will not disappoint you. – MW




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