The Melody Man, Alexander Ceruzzi – Original Country Music

The Melody Man, Alexander Ceruzzi – Original Country Music

Treasure Chest Records

Canton, Georgia based songwriter Alexander Ceruzzi has an undeniable knack for channeling a sort of inner history book as to what Nashville country music has meant for several decades. He fuses influences ranging from the era of the grand dames and gents to the gritty outlaw era, up until the current (and long ongoing) bawdy rocking side of the genre. Lyrically, you get tried and true country subjects such as heartache, drinking, and cars mixed at times with a tongue-in-cheek and occasionally dark lyrics.

The peppy lead track “Dumpster Diving” is a microcosm of how adept and talented Alexander is at weaving these various styles and influences into a song that feels like it could compete with the radio staples that are popular these days. “I’m Still Loving You” and “Play Your Cards Right” are solid examples of his abilities to write ballads that stand well-interspersed with the snappy rockers like “Vroom Vroom” and the honky-tonk blues of “Mama Was Right.” Enlisting the talents of vocalists Brian Glenn and Debbie Thomas as well as some excellent musicians, Alexander has shown that although corporate Nashville can be a very tough nut to crack, he has the songwriting talent to at least have a step up on some of the others trying to weave their way through the Music City miasma to bring their music to the masses.- MW



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