The Neighborhood Bullys – Callin’ All Rockers!

The Neighborhood Bullys – Callin’ All Rockers!

Ruff Mix Records – RMR EP5

When you can take a simple premise and make it edgy enough to really put the hook into the listener, you know you are doing something right. The Neighborhood Bullys have that simple premise, one that makes you think when they first sat down together, the just said, “Damn it, lets just rock!” Yeah, if you leave it in those simple terms that can mean a lot of things, but with these guys it means taking various influences from bands who have the same attitude about rock and roll, putting it in a blender, and standing back while you rip the top off. You can just conjure up visions of ballsy rockers like the Ramones, ACDC, the Sonics, blended with the riffing sensibility of Aerosmith melded with a vocal punch that retains its harmonies. So the title here is apropos, they called all rockers, got them into a fight in a smoky alleyway, and came up with music that puts kicks butt with a steel toed leather boot. Look out for this L.A. foursome, they may just run you over. -MW



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