Jon Chi – Another Rising Sun

Jon Chi – Another Rising Sun

Something truly innovative is brewing in Brew City. Milwaukee’s John Chi’s sophomore effort is intoxicating music with mesmerizing musical landscapes driven by vestiges of rock, funk, soul and country-jam, and laced with thought-provoking lyrics that tell a variety of stories from harsh to darkly humorous. “Words You Can Believe In” launch the CD with a snappy folk vibe that really hooks you with some of the subtly lush backdrops. “Killer From Our Hometown” is haunting and soul-snaring blues at its deepest, darkest hue. “The Battle Is Over” is a funky but gritty rocker, like Dick Dale, the Grateful Dead and Urge Overkill hanging out at a backyard concert. Jon appears to have the full package here; lyric writing intelligence, a push-the-envelope songwriting mentality, and one of those breathlessly emotive and agile voices that is undeniably infectious. Jon Chi breathes serious life into the Midwest music scene with this excellent effort. – MW


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