Evan – New Folk

Evan – New Folk
Wisconsin born and raised Evan Meulemans may call his third release “New Soul”,€ but you can tell he follows closer to the footsteps of classic folk artists. The current folk music revival though does pay due respect to the forefathers of the genre, and when those influences meet story telling prowess, musical talent and vocals that snare your soul from the get-go, you have something special. Evan is one of those special artists, his mesmerizing voice harkening to Cat Stevens with just a touch of twang ala Townes Van Zandt. Songs like the title track and “Sticks & Stones”€ have uptempo feel good grooves with Evan displaying both vocal range and masterful control of emotive power. “Wishing Well” and “Sun & Water”€ are great examples of his adept handling of mellower vibes while “Blow Me Away”€ has a breezy island tilt. Evan is one of those singer-songwriters with a knack for creating songs that are both catchy and edgy. He creates somewhat bare-bones, but still delectable musical backdrops from a talented back up band, often interjecting changes in both rhythm and power that add to the intrigue of many of the tunes. Lyrically, you can tell he is speaking plainly from his hear – intelligent words without being pretentious. Evan’s music may not be totally new folk, but it is very, very good folk. – MW


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