Dwayna Litz – I’m The Girl I Used To Know Again

Dwayna Litz – I’m The Girl I Used To Know Again
Sometimes when you have a wonderful voice, that is all you truly need to touch people with your music. Dwayna Litz has a wonderful voice, and while she does have enjoyable music backing her, the subtle power and stunning emotion she can produce would no doubt enthrall listeners if she just did this acapella. Most of the backdrop is piano with wafts of guitar, bass and even trumpet at one point, but you know from the first strains of€œ “Yes I Would”€ what you are meant to hear. She makes you think a bit of Tori Amos but with the dramatics of some of the great country ladies like Tammy Wynette, and maybe a slight touch of Bette Midler’€™s jazzy power. The mid-ground of jazz, country, pop and folk feelings is comforting, and also helps you experience the emotion and honesty of her thoughtful lyrics. Some of the stand-out tracks include the atmospheric but folksy “€œCry Like a Baby”,€ the gracefully potent “Takin’€™ It a Day at a Time”,€ and the operatic-tinged country of the title track. Dwayna shows a different side at the end of the CD with a foot-stomping take on the classic “This Train Is Bound For Glory” that makes you think in another life she may have actually ridden the rails with Woody. If you enjoy vocal and songwriting talent it it€™s purest form, then this beautiful sophomore effort is a must for you. – MW


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