The Austin Jones Band – Chasing The Wind

The Austin Jones Band – Chasing The Wind
With their sophomore effort, this indie rock act from the Houston area shows an increased depth of songwriting prowess, proving that their ear-opening debut “On Sin And Cynicism” was just the beginning of something special. The opening track “Living It Out” is a masterful but subtle weaving of hooks and edginess, invoking bands such as Taking Back Sunday, but also a bit Foo Fighter-ish as they effortlessly flow from melodic mellow vibes to snarling intensity. “A Darkness” has a sort of ambient vibe that accentuates  Austin’s emotive vocal intensity, reaching deep from his soul to touch yours with his thought-provoking words. The title track has a brooding fervency, reminiscent of some of Live’s later music, while “You And Me” balances dramatic balladic passages with driving grooves that really highlight the musicianship of the players involved here. This is only a five song EP that is sort of the musical equivalent of eating fantastic Chinese food: it leaves you heartily satisfied, but hungry for more. With the talent and passion practically bursting from this twenty some minutes of wonderful music, you just know that Austin and his musical cohorts have a lot more great things to come. And the more people that hear this music, those great things may very well be reciprocal as well. – MW



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