Seahorse – The FIre’s Heart

Seahorse – The FIre’s Heart
Ravens Flight Records
While everyone thinks of Seattle when the music scene of the Pacific Northwest is mentioned, Rich Swanger is making sure Salem, Oregon is on their musical map, too. A winemaker as well as a musician, Rich knows a few things about creating fine vintages, and his take on mellow but fragrant flavors permeates his musical creation Seahorse as well. Delectable Americana with kisses of smooth jazz and aromas of alt-folk make for something that any music  “sommelier” would highly recommend. “Nightingale” launches the CD with a subtly throbbing grove, showcasing the depths of Rich’s vocal work from breathless emotive croon to untamed soul-bearing. “Tyndall Rose” has a snappy folk groove – the kind that can make you both tap your feet while the thoughtful lyrics tap into your heart. “Mansion” is a passionate ballad that is both heart-rending and infectious while “Carry The Fire” has an edgy drive as it keeps the folksy aspect intact. You can feel Rich has influences as diverse as Jim Croce to Chris Isaak, U2 to Band of Horses, but maybe the real reason his music is enjoyable is because he has an eclectic song-writing soul and it serves well to create music with a robust listenability palate. I have not tried his wine yet, but his music surely can be savored at any time. – MW



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