Pi Jacobs- Hi Rise Ranch

Pi Jacobs- Hi Rise Ranch
That Crazy Chick Music – TCCMD005
A veteran L.A. based musician and songwriter, Pi Jacob’s sixth release makes me wonder why there has not been more widespread acclaim for this talented lady. With tendrils of hippie rock, folk and American, the music is both mesmerizing and catchy, brimming with life but with subtle complexities. The lead track “Want To Want To” kicks into a groove that feels like a Texan hanging out in San Francisco during the Summer of Love. “Icy Road” weaves a feel good vibe with Pi’s harmonic vocal warble enticing you to experience a heartfelt story. “The Train” is a potent country blues ballad that drips emotion like droplets from a steam engines’ whistle, simple but powerful. She also does a stunning, alt-folk version of Zeppelin’s “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You.” Her voice is the true star throughout the six tracks, from soaring harmonies to gritty pain, from lonesome croon to bluesy wail. The backing band whose resumes include working with Kayne West, Brandy, the Beastie Boys, and Francis Dunnery adds further spice to the songs. If you have not checked out Pi’s music yet, this is a great one to start with. Although it is only six songs, it definitely showcases the varied depth of her songwriting, musical, and vocal talents. – MW



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