Axle Creek – The Journey Home

Axle Creek – The Journey Home
Sometimes it is refreshing to hear bands who just like to play rock and roll, and not spend a lot of time reinventing the wheel. Axle Creek is one of those bands, and while they are not necessarily carving out any new musical ground, what they do in their own niche of blues and country-fueled rock and roll is crafted very well. “Figure It Out” crunches out of the speaker with growling riffs, dusky vocals and stomping rhythms like a somewhat countrified AC/DC. “Soldier Sacrifice” has s more balladic feel, but is powerful with its poignant message and subtle musical potency. “Changing Course” and “All I’ve Got” are the kind of Americana-edged power rockers that Steve Earle has made popular. “Saved My Life” shows a more acoustic side, no less powerful with the emotive vocals. Unafraid to tackle timely subject matter with their vocals, this band is very adept at just making good time music that makes you think, but also makes you sit back and really enjoy what is happening. – MW



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