Andrew D. Huber – Mercury Gets a Moon

Andrew D. Huber – Mercury Gets a Moon
The Midwest has always been a hotbed of talented songwriters, despite cities like L.A., NYC, Austin and Nashville always getting credit. Illinois’ Andrew D. Huber graces us with his forth release which explores further depths of his songwriting while keeping the alt-Heartland folk-rock vibe intact. His wonderful vocal work is obvious right out of the gate on the title track with subtle power in bare bones passages sandwiched by hard edged folk rock grooves. “Scarlett Kissed a Sailor” “ and “Two Drink Charlie” have Celtic story telling vibes with tongue-in-cheek lyrics and a toe-tapping rock backdrop. “Gabriel and the Sparrow” shows a mellower side graced by violins and honest, sweetly emotive vocal work. “San Antonio Greyhound” is a meaty but still folk-edged Heartland rocker. Andrew breaches both extremes of the spiritual with the wicked pounding Irish folk of “Tell The Devil” followed by the lush, soulful ballad of “God Will Bring a Better Day.” Andrew has an extraordinary depth to his songwriting pool, but does not mind avoiding a true comfort zone by swimming in the eddies and rip currents. His obvious talent for playing and singing makes a combination that can really get its hooks into you.  – MW


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