Bobby Pizazz – As The Waters Swallowed the Land

Bobby Pizazz – As The Waters Swallowed the Land
If someone says “singer-songwriter”€ and €œ”Nashville”€ in the same breath, most people will have some preconceived notions of what the music will sound like. Bobby Pizazz blows those preconceived notions away. He has an obvious eclectic taste in influences which serves him very well in this wonderful CD. A veteran in various facets of the entertainment industry, Bobby’€™s acoustic music creations have such an undeniable enjoyable listenability to them; hooky without being common; comforting yet enticing. “€œRhythm Train Unplugged”€ weaves tendrils of jazz, Americana and new age gracing Bobby’€™s melodic, subtly emotive vocal timbre. “End Of The Rainbow” shows a more powerful side of Bobby’s voice, cranking up a fervency to this unplugged bluesy heart-tugger. “€œSouthern Bell” has a snappy folk vibe that invokes visions of an artsy Manhattan coffee house in the early sixties. Lyrically Bobby has no qualms about letting his feelings and passions loose, tackling subject matter that ranges from typified perspectives on life, love and heartache to topical subjects, as in the title track which deals with the affects of Hurricane Katrina. Bobby is also a highly talented musician, creating a perfect landscape for his words that is not pretentious but still smacks of musical brilliance. So if there is one preconceived notion about Nashville and singer-songwriters that rings true, it is the one that some of music’s greatest talents emerge from the Music City. And Bobby Pizazz has serious, serious talent indeed. – MW



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