Lunatic Soul – Walking On a Flashlight Beam

Lunatic Soul – Walking On a Flashlight Beam
Kscope Records – KSCOPE299
Vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Mariusz Duda continues to push the musical envelope with his latest release under the moniker Lunatic Soul. A masterful weaver of the experimental facets of new age, electronica, mellow progressive rock, and other styles, Mariusz’s talent pool runs deep and you get the feeling he is still only scratching the surface. The soundscape of “Shutting Out The Sun” is a soothing yet intense prelude that draws you in and caresses you with its lush and subtly burgeoning ambience. “Cold “ is anything but that, with a pulsing warmth both in the breathless vocals and sweeping keyboard/synth work. “Gutter” has a bit more tempered power to it, showcasing Mariusz’s near operatic vocal work fueled by a gritty rhythmic throb. The twelve minute opus “Pygmalion’s Ladder” is one of those types of near epic masterpieces that you have to let the song review itself as it is far more descriptive of Mariusz’s capabilities than any critic can be. This is one of those types of CDs where you wonder why this act does not have wider recognition. Perhaps even in the progressive music world there is too much pretentiousness to delve into anything that does not have at least some vestige of typified commercialization. Plain and simple, this is innovative, intelligent, masterful music, and needs appreciation from anyone who has respect for intellectual musical talents. – MW


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