David Arn – Walking To Dreamland

David Arn – Walking To Dreamland
If you really want to boil down a definition of the often overused term “singer-songwriter,” you should concentrate on someone who knows how to tell stories. This could be anyone from Guthrie to Dylan to Petty; masters at storytelling and putting their words to the proper music. David Arn has that capability, as his lyrics are both intelligent, from the heart, and always have a point that makes you think. He does a great job in weaving the musical landscape around his stories as well. The title track has a comforting, toe-tapping piano laced groove, followed by “Better Off Today” which feels a bit like U2 on a Tom Waits trip. “When You Lost Your Situation” has a bar room bluesy-pop lilt to it, the kind of song that would make Dr. John smile. “Something More Between Us” is a bare-bones folk effort that is delectably infectious. And yes, David’s voice is the perfect foil for his words – a throaty yet melodic, bluesy croon with that helps burn the lyrics into your cranium, your heart, and your soul. So will his name some day be uttered in the same breath as the aforementioned legends like Guthrie, Dylan and Petty? It would be a bit presumptuous and perhaps hyperbolic to just pronounce yes, but he has the obvious talent that you cannot deny him the possibility either. – MW



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