Callenberg – The Bailout Shop

Callenberg – The Bailout Shop
Bend Records
Eclectic Swedish musician/songwriter Anders Callenberg has found intriguing ways to make the bizarre refreshing with his sophomore effort. “Curtain” is raised with an atmospheric slightly somber pulse as if Bowie and Bono were kicking back and relaxing with…well, whatever the prefer relaxing with. “Sitting Duck” pulses with a groove that is both subtly hypnotic and hooky with a mesmerizing vocal warble. “You Might As Well Know” busts out a R&B tinged synth pop groove with an ethereal flowing undercurrent, while “Mad Machine” harkens to the days of electronica pioneers such as Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream. Anders is definitely not afraid to take chances with his songwriting, as the songs seem to flow from him like a rock strewn stream winding through past and present electronic and ambient soundscapes. There is easily enough innovation intertwined with the more obvious influences to catch the ears of any electronic music fan.  – MW


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