The Alexis P Suter Band – Love The Way You Roll

The Alexis P Suter Band – Love The Way You Roll
American Showplace Music – AS4008
If your jaw does not drop when you first hear the voice of Alexis P Suter roar from the speakers, check your pulse. This young lady has a husky baritone voice – sort of like if Aretha Franklin and Lanny Kravitz were whirling through the back streets of New York – that just really sinks its hooks into you right from the get-go. “Nuthin’ In The World” is a snappy blues rocker with a hooky groove that really helps you experience her vocals. The title track has a deeply swampy groove with some near furious ejaculations that you feel the need to strap in to listen to it. The ballad “Anything” allows you to experience Alexis’ voice in all its glory – flowing and ebbing from pained passion to explosive soul bearing. Alexis may be the star here, but her band is also on fire throughout the twelve tracks, easily handling the variance of songs from the smoking rockers to the traditional laced blues and the mellow R&B passages. Plain and simple, if you love the more powerful side of blues – especially powerful vocal work –  this one is right up your alley. – MW



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