KainAndAble – KaneAndAble I/Vibrations

KainAndAble – KaneAndAble I/Vibrations
Spinning World Records
J. Thomas Edward & Matthew O’Keefe began their songwriting collaboration just a couple years ago, and it is quite apparent that their styles and talents mesh wonderfully. They have an eclectic taste in music which is why they decided to release two simultaneous debuts under the moniker of KainAndAble. The first CD is the more energetic CD, blending styles such as alt rock, folk, R&B and Americana into a heady stew of music that often has a brilliant simplicity melded with subtle intricacies. Songs such as “Get Off,” “Better Late Than Never” and “Misery Loves Company” have a deft touch of hookiness while still being edgy and innovative. “Vibrations” is a more acoustic based CD with mellower often haunting vibes, particularly noticeable on the lead track “Hollywood In The Daylight.” Some of the ballads here like “Dreams” and “Sooner Or Later” really stand out, making you think of some of the greats like Cat Stevens and Woody Guthrie. Yes, there is a lot to digest with two CDs and many styles present, but this duo ties it all together masterfully. An act to definitely keep an eye out for if this hefty but highly enjoyable debut tandem is any indication. – MW




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