Dave Fields – All In

Dave FIelds – All In
FMI Records – 801901000058
Is he a rocker with a blues soul, or a bluesman with a rock and roll soul? These are some questions you may ask listening to the latest CD from Dave Fields, but you won’t mind formulating your own answer as you will be listening to some very good music in the process. This is the third CD from this NYC native and it is very electrifying. The voltage cranking up from the first gritty cords of the down-and-dirty lead track “Changes In My Life.” “Let’s Go Downtown” has a snappy, funky vibe, sort of reminiscent of some of Prince’s more rocking earlier tunes. “Dragon Fly” is a mesmerizing track that also plumbs the various depths of both Dave’s vocal and guitar playing talents. You are also treated to a rather unique live cover version of the Led Zeppelin classic “Black Dog” which seems to be given a juke-joint inflection. When you hit your third CD in todays tough market, you are a proven survivor. Dave Fields survives on talent, passion and honesty in the way he plays his music. Whether he is more of a rocker or bluesman is a moot point as he can surely entertain fans of both genres and their various unholy marriages. – MW



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