Bobby “Hurricane” Spencer – Unleashed

Bobby “Hurricane” Spencer – Unleashed
R. Music, Inc.
With the loss this year of Bobby Keyes and the recent loss of Clarence Clemons, it has been a tough time for sax blowers. Bay area stoic Bobby “Hurricane” Spencer is alive and well, and laying down some serious tenor sax chops on his latest release. Weaving blues, jazz, Gospel and R&B, Bobby wastes no time getting down to business in the intensely grooving “Gotta Get Back To Chicago.” “Camarillo” has one of those smoky juke-joint grooves sprinkled with hot sauce and cheap whiskey. Bobby also has a infectious voice, melding a soulful croon with gruff hard-life blues, particularly evident in the poignant ballad “You Make Me Crazy” and the mid tempo snarling boogie of “Holler’n & Wallow’n.” Backed by a talented core of musicians, Bobby’s talents in vocal work, songwriting, honest lyric writing, and, of course, cranking out some incredible sax pyrotechnics make this CD a must for any fans of sax players, from the old greats like Charlie Parker and Ben Webster, to the aforementioned giants who have left us. – MW



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