Carmine & Vinny Appice – Drum Wars Live!

Carmine & Vinny Appice – Drum Wars Live!
Rocker Records/Cleopatra Records – B00O2FIKCE
Many rock music fans probably cannot name the drummers of even their favorite bands, but it is doubtful there are many rockers out there who do not know who Carmine & Vinny Appice are. These hard-rocking brothers have bashed the skins for decades, recording and/or touring with such legendary acts as Vanilla Fudge, Black Sabbath. Rod Stewart, Ronnie James Dio, Ozzy, and multiple others. For several years now, the brothers have been touring with their act Drum Wars, playing the most beloved songs from their storied past while thrilling their audiences with both individual and dueling solos. For those who have not seen this act live yet (and if they play in your town, you really need to go!), they have now released a new live CD. The CD a very well done representation where you can actually feel the power behind Carmine and Vinny’s drumming. Backed by their highly talented band of vocalist Jim Crean, guitarist Ethan Brosh and bassist James Caputo, they rip through an hour plus of hard rock standards and thundering solos. Smoke will come out of your speakers when they roar into the lead track of Sabbath’s “The Mob Rules” followed by the first of the “Drum Wars” battles. You will no doubt get dizzy from banging your heads along to songs such as Dio’s “We Rock” and “Holy Diver,” Ozzy’s “Bark At the Moon,” and a heavy rocking version of the classic “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?” which Carmine co-penned with Rod Stewart  And while the songs are great with killer vocal work and musicianship, you are treated to astounding drumming throughout with two “Drum Wars” dueling solos, separate solos by both Carmine and Vinny, and their slamming drum-only version of “The Flinstones” theme song. This concert CD will drive home an understanding of why the Appice brothers have been two of the most sought after drummers in history. And after so many tours, recording projects, clinics, and other performances, they have not skipped a beat and still obviously maintain a high passion for drumming. – MW



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