Marty Paris – To Be Saved (Single and Video)

Marty Paris – To Be Saved (Single and Video)
CCM recording artist Marty Paris cut his teeth writing, recording and performing with several secular artists including some noted national artists. His musical maturity and talents are showcased on this wonderful effort. Marty obviously has deep passions for his Lord and Creator, as “To Be Saved” practically bursts at the seems with his feelings. His talent shines through even fbrighter in the fact that while his emotion is pouring forth, he does it in a non-pretentious fashion, letting his words of faith and the subtle power of his music caress and comfort the listener. Musically, the song is very strong and stands up to anything CCM artists such as Newsboys, Casting Crowns, and David Crowder can produce. The accompanying video beautifully produced by fellow Christian Ian Maphet at Apologia Productions is done very tastefully with honest, homey imagery that entices the viewer to feel the passion of the song. This is music that gives people hope and we all hope Marty continues to grace us with his inspirational words and music.  – MW



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