Mason Summit – Loud Music & Soft Drinks

Mason Summit – Loud Music & Soft Drinks
Since I loved Mason Summit’s debut CD “Absentee,” it goes without saying that I was looking forward to the youthful singer/songwriters next effort. He didn’t disappoint me. Country, Americana, blues, even bits of punk are still the fuel for this now eighteen year old musical wiz who has further honed not only his songwriting talents but his musical and vocal prowess as well. “Two Friends” launches the CD with a subtly alt/punk meets Americana edge weaved into a good-time groove. “Kaleidoscope” is a heady brew of jazzy acoustic guitar pluckings, psychedelic flute warbles, and Beatle-esque harmonies – showcasing a lot of songwriting and musical talent in the mere sixty-six second length. “Right Mind” is an Austin dive, a smoky New Orleans jazz bistro and a Soho rolled up in a tye-dye rug. “Village Dogs” has a smoking heartland rock vibe with grungy rhythms. Lyrically, the songs subject matters can be intellectual, sardonic, sarcastic and soul-bearing, sometimes in the same song. Mason is another one of the few newer acts out there that is purely unafraid to take chances or be pigeonholed into a neat little package. Maybe he won’t be a massive star because he does not kowtow to the music business machinery, but he works hard, does what is in his heart, and if he keeps it up, he will have a successful career creating songs for lovers of music that is pure, intelligent, and plain damned good! – MW



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