Lee Gallagher and The Hallelujah

Lee Gallagher and The Hallelujah
San Francisco is another town that was know primarily in a different era as being a hotbed of innovative, iconic music. There is still plenty of talent in emanating from the City by the Bay with Lee Gallagher and The Hallelujah being one of the latest installments. While an inevitable touch of psychedelia is noticeable, this act has far more depth in both songwriting and musical capabilities to be even remotely considered as coattail riders. “Sugartown” jumps out at you with a pulsing vibe and a subtle intensity that sneaks up on you. “Empty Stars” is an Americana power ballad straddling a masterful mid-ground of hookiness and the edginess.  “Gloryland” stomps at you like John Mellencamp was hanging out at an Iggy Pop concert. Every track is graced by Lee’s airy, emotive vocal warble, with a surprising range particularly on display in “Feel Like Going Home,” which is also one of the many tracks that displays the blistering southern-friend guitar soloing of Jacob Landry. Bassist Kevin Grapski and drummer Joe Miller drive a potent rhythm machine while KIrby Hammel spices up the stew with delectable piano and organ passages. A heady mix of retro tube-amp fuzz, heartland tales and instrumentation, and modern alt grit, this is one of the more ear-opening acts to come from Frisco…and for that matter the West Coast… in a long time. – MW



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