Laura Benitez and the Heartache – Heartless Woman

Laura Benitez and the Heartache – Heartless Woman
How about that! San Francisco does it twice in a row for me. Imagine if Tammy Wynette had taken opera lessons at some point in her life and you get a good idea of the vocal capabilities of Bay Area born and raised Laura Benitez. No, you won’t get any trilling arias or ceiling crumbling howls, but what you will get is a pure, melodic and soaring vocal timbre weaved with the honest emotion fused into her lyric writing. The music tends towards a more classic country sound – from the toe- tapping honky tonkers like the lead track “Good Love” to the two step shuffles like “Imitation Of You” and heart-rending blues-tinged ballads such as “Sweet Green Eyes”. Laura’s version of Gillian Welch’s “Tear My Stillhouse Down” packs a serious punch without straying into the “big hat” country bombast. This CD has everything good old-fashioned country lovers hold dear; great, emotive vocals; solid chops from the players; lyrics from the heart; and a serious passion for creating enjoyable music. If you are looking for the homogenized Nashville sound, look elsewhere. If you want pure country, dive into this. – MW



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