Cave Women – Second Chance

Cave Women – Second Chance
Well, Sacramento is not that far from San Francisco and their scene has produced bands as diverse as Tesla, Cake and the Deftones. These four young (Cave) women are keeping that diversity intact. Folk, psychedelia, alt rock, and jazz are wonderfully weaved together into music that is both intoxicating and ear-opening. Ethereal vocals and breathless harmonies are enhanced by musical backdrops that are tempered sometimes to the point of being bare-boned, but still subtly showing musical talent. The mellow but pulsing groove of “Glimpse” is a perfect example with some excellent fingerstyle guitarwork interspersed with the vocal mosaic. The title track has a more up tempo lilt ala K.T. Tunstall while “Circles” has that smile-and-kick-back coffee house jazzy folk feel. This five song EP is the second effort from this quartet and it shows that they are not worried about musical labels or fitting into a pop category, but instead utilize their talents to create innovative, enjoyable songs that really lays its hooks into you and helps you appreciate the passion involved.  – MW



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