Hardin Burns – Down The Deep Well

Hardin Burns – Down The Deep Well
Ithaca Records – 5578
The sophomore effort from Andrew Hardin and Jeannie Burns is undeniably infectious with that kind of feel good vibe that you can close your eyes, nod your head and smile to while listening. Delectable vocal harmonies blending Andrew’s subtle mid-Texas twang and Jeannie’s Hudson Valley psychedelic blues lilt to wonderful effect. Even the snappier tunes have this sort of mellow flow to them that really entices you especially in songs like the title track and “Blooming.” “Gentle Rain” has an atmospheric ambiance that is intoxicating where Jeannie really showcases both range and vocal control with breathless fervor. “The Call” weaves a subtly haunting rhythm and deep-rooted country flavors with just the right touch of hookiness. Lyrically, these songs can’t come from anywhere except the heart, inviting the listener to experience the emotions running from inspirational happiness to soul-bearing introspection. Check out “Walking On A Wire” and I dare you not to be seriously touched by the words. Very down to earth music produced with some serious talent both in the writing and musical creative avenues. – MW



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