Reanimation – Under The Last Tree on Earth

Reanimation – Under The Last Tree on Earth
Michael Shanahan is unafraid of taking chances with the music he creates. The life-brimming soundscapes of his project Reanimation weave diverse stylings of prog rock, new age, industrial and subtleties of other genres into a heady musical stew that can make you alternately bang your head in time to it, or just sit back and enjoy the effort that went into its creation. This is the product of intelligent talents, pushing the envelope until it opens up and unleashes a vibrant palette both beautiful and pulsing with hypnotic vibrance. “Dead Heart Souvenir” launches the music with a subtly seething groove prove to intense sonic ejaculations. “Surprise Hitchhiker” is like Bowie hanging out with Radiohead at a Prodigy concert. “Growing With The Growing Light” makes one think that somewhere their may gave been a punk rocker in the woodpile. Yes, this is intelligent, but it also has the right doses of the bizarre, flavored further with the fact that there is excellent musicianship throughout, and in just the right doses and the right places. Great music for those who want something that is out of the ordinary, but still rocks and created with great passion. – MW


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