New American Farmers – The Farmacology Sessions

New American Farmers – The Farmacology Sessions
Big Barncat Records – BBR-002
With a name like New American Farmers, some may get pre-conceptions about what they sound like. While there are some vestiges of “traditional” Americana in this music created by songwriters Paul Knowles and Nicole Storto, there is so much more, wonderfully twisted into vibrant music. If you want to expand Americana to include all of the music created here, you have touches of 60’s San Francisco psychedelia, college town alt with Midwest dirt and grit to go along with the folk and blues influences. From the slow luscious groove of “The Garden” to the crackling rock of “Aiming For the Daylight” and the wonderful bare bones duet on the cover of Hank’s “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry,” the songwriting sensibility is often stunning here. Combined with talented guest musicians and dusky vocals, you have a sophomore effort that is both captivating and simply honest music. – MW




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