Kirby Sewell Band – Girl With a New Tattoo

Kirby Sewell Band – Girl With a New Tattoo
Smelly Cat Records – SCR 003
Calgary is somewhat like the Dallas of Canada music wise; a windswept meeting of dusty rural country and urban back alley blues. Native son Kirby Sewell’s music sensibility channels the subtleties of that particular musical maelstrom, and he drives it with a rocking, R&B tinged power. power. “The Devil’s in the Details” launches the disc with a grumbling, gritty boogie. “Stop And Go” drives a funky groove with graced with snarling slide guitar work. “Till The River Starts To Overflow” is like being at a twisted revival with snappy folk edged rhythms and soul bearing lyrics. Kirby has this vocal power that seems steeped in old time blues, blending the pain he feels with the joy of the release of singing about it in a whiskey gargled, smoke tinged yet melodic power croon. The songs are well written and with thoughtful, story-telling lyrics, and are executed to perfection by Kirby and his top notch band. With this being their third release more people should start awaking to this talented act from the great white north. – MW



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