Hurricane Ruth – Born on the River

Hurricane Ruth – Born on the River
While we are on the subject of the blues, it is not just the guys who are keeping the genre rolling. Ruth LeMaster was born and raised on a much smaller river then the mighty Mississippi; the Illinois River, but if she lived the blues there she found a way to deal with it. She shouts at it, snarls at it, rips it to shreds. Her fiery pipes nail you from the first notes of the title track as she keeps the pedal to floor from start to finish. Despite the pure power of her vocals, she adds a nice melodic edge to it, conveying her feelings with honesty. “The Walls” for example is a mellower ballad with her voice taking a bit of a nod to the direction of Janis, tearing into her own soul so she can drive the words into yours. “Dance, Dance, Norma Jean” then rips it up with a full-on barrelhouse rocker that weaves in pieces of ZZ Top’s “LaGrange” and pays tribute to several more blues luminaries. Backed by a seriously rocking power trio, this is blues and as loud, hot, sweaty, and ballsy as anything the guys are doing these days. If Ruth truly a “Hurricane”, trust me, she’s a Cat 5! – MW



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