Hillary Scott – Freight Train Love

Hillary Scott – Freight Train Love
Belltown Records
Crossover acts are finding more of a niche these days and Hillary Scott’s particular niche is starting to awaken more people up to her talent. Her latest CD does fit in the Americana genre to a certain extent as a heartfelt country fueled twang is apparent in several tracks. There is also a pop/R&B sensibility that takes some tunes on a subtly different tack adding a lively vibe to the vocal honesty. The crisp hookiness of the title track – the romping boogie of “Get Your Love” and heartbreaking emotive blues-with-a-bite “Losing You” – gives you an idea of Hillary’s talent to weave the slight variance of styles into very solid, enjoyable songs. Her voice is the strongest glue that does this – a breathless croon that has a soulful quality with both range and control that helps you feel the straight-from-the-heart lyrics. It doesn’t hurt at all either that her back-up band for the album includes session players who have worked with the likes of Paul McCartney, Rod Stewart, Linda Rondstadt, and Bonnie Raitt, among many others. Still, Hillary’s talents are what make this a very pleasant musical repast that should keep her on track to wider spread notoriety. – MW



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