Steven Casper & Cowboy Angst – Endless Sky

Steven Casper & Cowboy Angst – Endless Sky
Silent City Records
On his latest EP, Americana singer-songwriter Steven Casper has once again struck gold with top notch musicians to back his husky, Dylanesque-but-more-melodic vocals. John “Groover” McDuffie from Rita Coolidge’s band and Carl Bryon from Bo Didley and the Spencer Davis Group add extra zest to Steven’s talents that are actually good enough to stand on their own. The title track has that signature heartfelt Americana vibe; dusty, gritty, finding a light shining through the haze of whiskey and pain. “Rattlesnake Road” snarls with applicable venom, a gritty, haunting western blues shuffle followed by the pulsing emotion of “In The Quiet Hours”, which has an interesting 50’s-ish rock ballad feel with some wicked work on both guitar and Hammond organ. There is a lot of talent and passion packed into the five tracks here and enough crossover appeal to snag fans of music ranging from blues to folk to country. That is the true mark of an Americana master – to weave songs from the very soil of the many facets of this great land and tell stories that touch the souls of its diverse inhabitants. – MW


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