Noah Hall & Whiskey Priest – Almost Satisfied

Noah Hall & Whiskey Priest – Almost Satisfied
Bric-A-Brac Records
Known for being the frontman of the band Easterly, Salem, Oregon’s Noah Hall has recorded several solo works under the Whiskey Priest moniker. If you have not checked his music out yet, his latest “Almost Satisfied” will leave you totally satisfied. Noah has this breathless timbre to his voice that is captivating in a way that actually caresses his thoughtful words into your soul as it emerges from his with subtle emotion. Mostly mellow in its vibe but graced with a lush potency, the music swirls strings and keyboards as well as touches of other instruments around some delectable but tempered guitar picking. This makes the instrumental work a perfect compliment to Noah’s vocal work which as previously mentioned is the true star of this recording. Songs such as “Big Girl Now,” “You Won’t Make a Sound,” “Ghost Kid” and the somewhat more uptempo title track are some of the real standouts here. Not only is this CD a great one for anyone who loves excellent, passionate acoustic music, but any budding singer-songwriter who wants to know how to create a predominately mellow album that will enthrall the listener for its entire length, just sit and listen to what Noah does here. – MW



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