Jenny Jarnagin – Bullseye

Jenny Jarnagin – Bullseye

Jenny Jarnagin is one of those types of singer-songwriters that after you listen to you wonder why she is not more widely known. She has a great pop sensibility of writing songs that are hooky and radio friendly, but also has an edginess and subtly orchestrated approach to songwriting that really makes her music stand out. The title track itself starts with a Tori Amos-like bar-bones piano graced croon that gradually builds to a powerful band and string ensemble climax. “Zero To Hero” is a snappy, rocking ditty showcasing further depths of Jenny’s vocal range. “Big Broken Heart” feels a touch Beatle-esque with a stunning power chorus, and “Over The Edge” is a mesmerizing blues tinted power ballad. While using more instrumentation than a lot of singer-songwriters do, it works well with Jenny as her songwriting is fully adept at knowing when to reign in and unleash the talented players involved here. This is a very good thing as not only does it add more flavor and intrigue to the songs, it does not overwhelm Jenny’s incredible vocal control and range, and straight-shooting lyrics. I do not shy away from saying that big things may be around the corner for this young lady. – MW



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