Jeff Dale and the South Woodlawners – Good Music

Jeff Dale and the South Woodlawners – Good Music
Pro Sho Bidness – PSB 4080
If the title of this CD seems slightly boastful to you, don’t worry….they back it up. This IS good music…damn good music, the kind that you can just enjoy for what it is. What it is is rocking blues with occasional funk and country excursions, not particularly groundbreaking, but very well crafted. Jeff grew up in Chi-town and was able to see people like Hound Dog Taylor, Muddy Waters and Howlin’s Wolf perform while he was in his formative years, and it obviously had a profound effect. Some of his blues subjects are a bit more tongue in cheek as witnessed in songs like “Naked Woman in My Bed” and “She Love Me.”  Even songs like “The Devil I Know” and “Murder” have a darkly macabre sense of humor. So the Highway 61 edge of the blues he saw the aforementioned blues masters perform definitely owns a solid chunk of his songwriting soul. And the players here…plain and simple, they smoke! That includes Jeff’s stellar guitar work and several excellent harmonica players. You have everything from full blown rockers to grooving shuffles and mid tempo ballads here – enough variety to keep your musical sensory receptors humming. So yes, it is “Good Music.” The title could have been a sufficient review in itself if you are into brevity. Good enough to deserve the plaudits. Check it out and see why it is good. You will not be disappointed. – MW



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