Danielle Woodrow – Turning

Danielle Woodrow – Turning
Seems like there have been more Hollywood personalities doing music projects lately who have actually shown a knack for creating great music, not merely doing it as a novelty. Danielle Woodrow proves that the often not famous people behind the scenes can have musical talent as well. The Senior VP of Original Programming a FX Networks keeps it simple for her first effort – just her voice and an acoustic guitar – and it works to wonderful effect. Right out of the gate she shows very good vocal control, unleashing fervent emotion when necessary and knowing when to reign it in when her words are thoughtful enough to not need the extra push. You can hear this sly diversity in songs like the uplifting “Leap of Faith,” the heart rending “The Grip”, and soul bearing “Wanna Go Back.” Danielle is unafraid here of letting the listener into her deepest thoughts and feelings and fuels the words with enough musical idiosyncrasies to further catch your attention. I’m not going to be cliche and tell Danielle to quit her day job because it sounds like she has a pretty good one. But if she enjoys foraying into creating music, then she should do that whenever she has the chance because if “Turning” is any indication, others will enjoy her foray as well. – MW


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