Silvertones – Silvertone Avenue

Silvertones – Silvertone Avenue
Deep South Productions
Purveyors or toe-tapping Texas styled blues for two decades now, the Silvertones have yet to disappoint me. That is actually too generic a plaudit for their latest release “Silvertone Avenue,” as it becomes obvious from the first strains of the rollicking “Knockin’ On My Baby’s Door” that these guys have not lost any of their music-making passions. Silvertones’ take on the blues seems more in tongue-in-cheek dark humor rather than heart rending, displayed on songs such as “Sancho” and “Woke Up Dead.” “All Night Corner” and “(I Have) Dreams of You” do yank at the heart strings with their emotive vocals and more traditional tortured soul blues subjects. Musically, everyone involved in this band (a rotating ensemble over the years) can flat out play, and in some cases, smoke! Check out the gritty shuffle of the title track, the haunting, muddy swamp blues of “Hoedown Jones”  and the honky-tonk country tilt of “Dallas, Austin, and Back Again” and you can get a great overview of the musical chops and songwriting prowess present here. This is one of those bands I wonder sometimes why they are not bigger than what they are. One reason, of course, is their music is not truly commercial, at least by today’s often unfortunate commercial standards. But their music is highly entertaining because they make no apologies of continuing to do what they do, which, when you boil it down, is having a lot of fun with the blues. That fun transfers to their fans and if anyone wants to give them a shot, this CD is a great introduction to that fun and enjoyment. – MW



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