Phillip Sandifer – Simple Hymns / Of Songs and Sacraments

Phillip Sandifer –  Simple Hymns / Of Songs and Sacraments
Wider Sky Music
Phillip Sandifer, a veteran singer-songwriter who worked with several well-known artists over his career, has now turned his talents to his higher calling. “Simple Hymns” is just that; a collection of more traditional Christian hymns and spirituals, wonderfully interpreted by Phillip’s sweetly emotive vocals and simple but enhancing musical backdrops. The styling is more in the acoustic folk direction, but the incredible passion is still there, and, in some cases, is even more fervent with the bare-bones instrumentation. “Come Christians Join to Sing,” “Crown Him With Many Crowns” and “There Is a Fountain” are some of the real stand outs here, the later featuring subtle wafts of bluegrass Gospel. “Of Songs and Sacraments” is where Phillip expresses his faith with original compositions. The music here has some more upbeat contemporary vibes, subtly rocking enough at times where you can really experience the passion flowing. “Both Hands” in particular has a contemporary Christian hookiness to it, but at no time does the music ever bury the message. The messages should not be buried as Phillip’s lyrics here obviously come from someone who has deep beliefs, but does not wield them like an axe. Instead, he offers them as a fellow human with the same frailties, difficulties and temptations as anyone else does, but with the power to overcome by fervent beliefs and love. When you perform Christian music, you have to have faith, passion, and the drive to give glory to God and allow others to experience the joy of true Christian beliefs. Phillip Sandifer has all of those facets and more. You can tell he is giving his all here from his heart and his soul.
– MW

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