Renaissance – Symphony of Light

Renaissance – Symphony of Light
Symphonic Rock Recordings – RRECD115
Maybe they are not superstars in the most pretentious definition, but Renaissance are definitely one of the most stoic, talented and respected names in progressive rock. Always visionary with their blend of symphonic, classical, and art rock stylings, there is still plenty of life in the songwriting tank just like there was four plus decades ago at their inception. “Symphony of Light” is a reissue of their 2013 CD “Grandine il Vento,” and includes three bonus tracks. The original CD was a tribute to long time guitarist Michael Dunford who passed away suddenly in 2012 and what a wonderful tribute it is to Michael’s talents. The powerful opus title track is a musical feast enough on its own, showcasing stunning musical prowess across the board along with the incredible vocal range of Annie Halsam. “Grandine il Vento” is like opera-meets-rock with mesmerizing vocals and a subtly intense musical backdrop. “Cry To The World” weaves various ethnic styles into a a wondrous vehicle for the poignant topical lyrics. “Blood Sliver Like Moonlight” is a potent ballad with beautiful piano landscapes and a haunting vocal duet. Perhaps it is fitting that the word “symphony” is part of the title of this CD since there is a veritable treasure-trove of musical directions and talents woven into that signature ambiance that Renaissance is so beloved for. Maybe they don’t have top 10 hits like the Yes’s, Kansas’s and King Crimson’s of the world, but they do have a legion of extraordinarily loyal fans. If you have not experienced Renaissance’s music yet, “Symphony of Light” will show you how that loyalty was created. – MW



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